Services That You Might Need When Planning to Sell Your Automobile

Posted on November 7, 2013 · Posted in Auto Electrical Repairs

If you are planning to sell your old car, then you have to make sure that it is looking good and is in the right condition.No seller would want a new automobile that will look like junk. So before displaying them in the internet or in the newspapers, you’d better put them in a repair shop first!

Car Repair Mechanics are professionals who only use special tools to clean your vehicle inside and out of dirt and grime. But it’s not just being clean; you will also need to keep it in excellent state to preserve its resale value. Here are some tips on what you can do with your car to make it look presentable to your client:

Paint Care. The paint on the vehicle is very delicate. There are three steps that car services need to follow – clean, correct and protect the surface. Cleaning consists of washing and drying properly the car to remove all the dirt. After applying the clay bar that removes contaminants such as metal particles and tar, comes the polishing of the paint to keep it protected and gives it a shine.

Chassis and Wheels. The chassis and undercarriage of your vehicle needs to be cleaned along with the exterior parts. This is not just found under the vehicle, but included here are the wheel wells and the major suspension such as anti-roll bars and control arms. Also, the plastic protectant should be dressed to the splash guards and inner fender. Of course, the wheels and tires should be thoroughly washed to protect them from corrosion.

Interior Detailing. This should include the cleaning of carpets and seating surfaces. This is done by either using a steam cleaner or shampooing the whole inside of the car. All leather, vinyl and plastic materials found inside should be washed and coated. This does not only include the passenger area but the trunk area as well.

Engine Bay. Some automobile companies do not include this in their package but this should actually be considered. The engine bay should be misted with water, cleaned with a degreaser then rinsed carefully. Nevertheless, it does not end there. Once it is dry, all components should be covered correctly to protect them from cracking. There are actually Auto Mechanic Services in North Perth that can do this very well and without a hitch.